An important decision for those looking to find a new home is what kind of community you want to live in—a private, safe gated community or an open, public one. While the end decision comes down to a matter of preference, most people find that gated communities offer many benefits over public ones. The experienced home builders at Passage Island Construction understand that gated communities are in high demand, so we build many customizable new homes that are available in private new home communities. Keep reading for our list of the many benefits of living in a gated or private community.

Why Homeowners Love Gated Communities

  1. Safety and Security

The most highly sought after and identifiable feature of a gated community is the safety and security it offers residents. With a gate, you won’t have to worry nearly as much about crime as there is no easy access in or out of the neighborhood. Statistically, neighborhoods with gates experience much lower crime and have enhanced safety for residents.

  1. Minimal Traffic

A gated community has much less traffic than a public one. This is attributed to the fact that only those with permission to access the gate will be the ones driving through the community. You won’t have to worry about random drivers using your neighborhood as a shortcut to get to work and joggers, bicyclists and children enjoy more safety when outside. 

  1. Sense of Belonging and Community

When you live in a gated or private community, even a recently created new home community, there is a much stronger feeling of belonging. Neighbors tend to know each other, look out for one another, and the community itself may have monthly events. Typically homes are more uniform in appearance and regulations upheld, so you won’t have to worry about an unsightly house or neighbors who just don’t care about their property.

  1. Virtually No Solicitation

Many gated communities have signage out front of the community itself stating that no solicitation is allowed, and even if those signs are ignored, solicitors will have a much harder time getting in and out. Nothing is worse than when you first get out of the shower and hear the doorbell ring, only to rush and find an unwanted salesman at your door. Living in a gated community means those who show up at your door are almost always meant to be there!

  1. Better Home Standards

Whether you are building on your own lot in a gated community or purchasing a pre-built home, you can rest assured that the housing standards are much higher in private and gated communities. You will find that many of the homes in these neighborhoods have been built by experienced home builders that add perks and features you won’t find in public communities. This also tends to increase the overall value of your home when it comes time to sell it in the future!

Experience Private and Gated Community Living!

If these perks seem appealing to what you want out of your next neighborhood, we invite you to consider the new home communities we at Passage Island Construction are creating in areas near you! We put our experience and dedication into every home, and offer the amenities you want, such as being hurricane proof home builders with the flexibility to build on your own lot if you so desire! Check out our communities and give us a call at 772-388-8863 to learn more!

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