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Build new custom home on your own lot

Let Us Build You A Custom Home on Your Own Lot

You’ve found the perfect location for a custom home, now you just need the perfect home to go with it. More and more people are choosing to go the custom home design & build route because they want a home that’s going to perfectly fit their lifestyle. It provides a unique opportunity for families to build exactly what they need: spaces to work and relax, whether you’re a driven professional or you want to optimize your time with your family.

If you are going the custom home “Design/Build” route, to ensure a successful stress free building experience we combine all the phases of the home building process. From pre-conception design ideas, working drawings, best estimates, permitting, zoning approval, construction and ultimately the realization of seeing your vision materialize.

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Dream It, Plan It, Build It.

Custom homes are very low maintenance. New homes are always lower maintenance, but one that you’ve had a hand in designing is even easier to maintain because you’re involved in the process. You’ll know how everything works, and you won’t have to replace anything any time soon. All the latest technology is available to you, including energy efficient appliances to reduce the costs of running your home.

Building a new custom home also allows you to write off a substantial amount on your taxes, adding to the financial benefit of building your custom home. You can deduct interest, points and property taxes paid while the home is being built, and you may be eligible for the first time homeowner tax deduction. The deduction can reach up to $6500, with certain stipulations.

Our team can walk you through the entire process, from conception to building your home. Because we’re responsible for the full process, what you get is the delivery of your vision that’s been tested and fine-tuned until it’s exactly what you want. There’s no miscommunication between different companies.

Most custom home builders need outside design and plan services. Our reputation has been earned and your relationship is our greatest asset. We believe that a building company is only as good as the last project. We do fine interior detail at no additional cost and deliver your new home to you without financial surprises. This commitment has placed us among the premier design/build companies in Indian River County.

Why Choose Passage Island Construction?

When you contact our team, we’ll sit down with you to go over your wants and needs for your home, so we understand exactly what you’re looking for. We’ll work with you every step of the way so that we can ensure that your home is exactly what you want.

We can provide a range of plans to fit any budget or lifestyle, starting with a 3 bedroom 2-bathroom plan and ranging higher. Our team has over 40 years of experience in building homes and establishing unique communities. We feel confident that we can serve your needs, whatever they may be. If you’re ready to begin the process of building your custom home, please contact us today.

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