The Brennity at Melbourne

Passage Island Homes has been working in Indian River County, Florida for over 40 years.

We’re dedicated custom home builders, though we’ve also done some great work on local communities. We’re proud to have worked on several Brennity communities, including the Brennity at Melbourne.

The Brennity at Melbourne is a retirement community that revolutionizes the experience of retirement. We built a beautiful spacious community that includes individual homes, as well as assisted living apartments, and a memory care specialty center. We worked with Sagora, the company that runs the community, to discover what they needed, and how we could best deliver on those needs.

All of the Sagora senior living communities have become synonymous with an exceptional residential alternative for seniors, so we knew that everything we built had to live up to that reputation, so that Sagora could continue to provide great care for all of their residents. The community helps them focus on serving the residents, meeting their needs, and exceeding anything they might want, all hallmarks of the Sagora lifestyle – and a doctrine that we share.

After talking with Sagora, we planned out a number of features: spacious floor plans, a fine dining room, areas for social activities, and space for a wellness program that the seniors at the Brennity at Melbourne can enjoy. We wanted to make sure that we were providing a healthy environment for all residents there, with a diversity of living arrangements to suit every taste.

The Brennity at Melbourne also has a fantastic kitchen, to provide dining options for the residents, so that a variety of menus can be prepared to ensure that residents have options that they’ll love.

We also designed and built a series of spaces to hold events for residents, including art classes, book clubs, and community outings.

The Brennity at Melbourne represents our process well: we strive hard to work with our clients to determine their needs and wants, so that we can come up with a plan that fits everything. We can provide help and guidance throughout the entire process of building a new home or community: from the design and plans, to the actual construction.

Custom homes provide more comfort.

Fully custom homes and communities are the right way to go, as more and more people are finding. It allows you to get exactly what you want, and provide the level of care necessary to your community.

If you’re interested in building a custom home or community, please contact us and we’ll get started on the process with you.


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