Choosing A Custom House Builder

When you’re ready to build a new home, how do you find a new house builder to suit your needs? With many home builders to choose from, selecting the right one for you and your family can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you pick the best new home builder for your custom home.

Look for the Right Fit

First, define what your specific needs are. For what size, type, and price range are you looking? You probably won’t find many house builders who will build starter homes for first time home buyers and multi-million dollar homes for the more affluent client. Make sure you find a new home builder who fits your range. Do some research and find out what you want and who can best help you.

Remember that Experience Counts

All new home builders start somewhere, but some, like Passage Island Construction, have over 40 years of experience. If you love the Treasure Coast and want to be here, it’s also important to work with local contractors to build your new home.  Ask for references and look at a house builder’s past projects. Drive through neighborhoods and talk to people. They’re inclined to tell you if they’re happy or unhappy with their results. Also look to see if these homes are visually appealing to you. A list of pristine communities in which we have built custom houses can be found here.

Visit a Model Home

Tour a model home like ours in Sebastian, and browse floor plans to see what other model plans a house builder has to offer. When touring a model home, pay attention to the look and feel of the home, and make sure that it suits you. There is no substitute for physically visiting a home built by the custom house builder, but don’t go in without some preparation. Take a few minutes to read some tips before you tour a model home.


Next, how customizable are the plans offered by new home builders? Can you add to the deck, make changes to the kitchen, or upgrade the finishes? Building a new home gives you an opportunity to get exactly what you want. When finding a house builder, make sure they can do just that. At Passage Island Construction, our long time staff member, Peter Buza, works with clients on customizations, from enlarging rooms to choosing flooring, designing the master bath of your dreams to selecting the style of your roof!

Look for Quality

When visiting past projects or model houses built by new home builders, look for signs of quality. Sometimes quality in workmanship and building materials are both seen and unseen, and the reputation of the house builder can provide helpful insight. Passage Island Construction is an award winning custom home builder and has been building exceptional houses since 1997. Not only do we take pride in our craftsmanship, but also in providing the highest caliber customer service along the way. From Peter Buza in Construction to Phyllis Graffam in Sales, our staff will support you every step of the way.

If you’ve decided to build a custom home and want to learn more about Passage Island Construction, contact us!

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