There are many benefits to using concrete blocks when building a new home in Florida. Chief among them: higher energy efficiency, and most significantly, the strength of the structure to withstand hurricanes and fires.

Lumber shortages caused by the pandemic have created a new reason to use concrete blocks when building your new home: cost and availability. Mills were forced to shut down with the rest of the country during the early days of the pandemic, reducing the production of lumber. However, low mortgage interest rates and a low inventory of homes created a need that far outweighed the supply slowing home construction. As demand increased, the cost of lumber doubled, conversely raising the cost of construction.

Beyond the current cost benefits of building your new home using concrete blocks, they are also energy-efficient, fire-resistant, noise-reducing, pest-resistant, and lower-maintenance.

Concrete block homes have proven to be more energy efficient because a thermal building envelope prevents the loss of cool air, conserving energy. Houses with concrete walls have as much as 9% greater energy savings than wood-framed houses; they have less draft and maintain a consistent temperature.

Concrete block materials minimize toxin, mold, allergens, and radon exposure making it a healthier place to live. The density of concrete blocks prohibits mold outside allergens from making their way into the home and taking root within the walls.

According to a study conducted by the Portland Cement Association, concrete walls reduce noise emissions by as much as a quarter.

Another durability feature to consider is the fire resistance of the concrete block. Insulated concrete walls limit the spread of flames. They do not burn, bend or soften like steel.

Concrete homes are more pest-resistant than wood construction homes, which are often plagued with termites, carpenter ants, and rodents. They also require less maintenance because concrete homes are less susceptible to wood rot and rust.

When deciding what type of materials to use when building your home, Passage Island Construction can walk you through your options.

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