While custom home plans and stock model home plans both allow for customization, there are a few key differences to consider when deciding between the two.

1. Custom Home Plans Are Fully Customizable

For anyone looking to build his or her dream home, working directly with a custom homebuilder using custom home plans ensures that the home’s construction expresses the homeowner’s unique personality and style, something stock model homes can’t fully capture.  From the number of bedrooms to the materials used on the roof, homeowners have full control over nearly every aspect of the build. If a homeowner prefers more natural light, then they can simply add more windows. It’s that simple.

Pro tip: Remember to keep building codes, deed restrictions, zoning laws, and your budget in mind when designing your home using custom home plans.

2. Custom Home Plans Offer Greater Location Flexibility

A home’s location dictates its resale value, which is why so many real estate agents tout the mantra “location, location, location.” A top-rated school district, proximity to public parks and amenities, and many other desirable attributes can increase a home’s value. Elements that can negatively impact a home’s value include high crime neighborhoods, hazardous waste facilities, and noise, to name a few.

Stock model homes from high-volume builders are quite often a land and home package. Homeowners select their home from a portfolio of floor plans then the builder constructs the home in a master-planned community that the developer owns. Custom homebuilders like Passage Island Construction offer homeowners greater flexibility with the option to build on nearly any lot the homeowner has acquired.

Pro tip: Consider your desired home’s footprint before purchasing land to build on. Natural land features like rivers or lakes or the lot’s size can impact your home’s design. Ensure you purchase enough land for the size of home you wish to build. 

3. Custom Home Plans Allow You to Think Outside the Box

When you work with a custom homebuilder rather than a high-volume builder, you can choose to work with their existing blueprints or work with an architect to design your own. While we offer model home options from existing blueprints here at Passage Island Construction, you’re free to work with our team to further customize your home’s design. In other words, we don’t limit you to the portfolio and upgrade options like high-volume builders do.

4. Budget Flexibility

Since builders are able to purchase materials in bulk, choosing a stock model home can save you money when you forego the upgrades. Alterations, however, can quickly push you outside your budget. When you choose a custom home over a stock model home, you have a broader selection of building materials to choose from. This allows you to shop around to cut costs on less important items so that you can use your budget toward upgrades that matter most to you.

5. Built to Grow with You

Custom home plans let you plan for future modifications. Perhaps you would like a pool or in-law suite added on to your home but cannot fit it into your current budget. When you choose to build your home using a custom home plan, you can have your builder layout the proper infrastructure now so that you can add on to your home later. Properly placed load-bearing walls, an upgraded electrical panel, or a larger air conditioner or hot water heater can help lower future construction costs and save you money down the road.

If you’re in the market for a new home, custom home plans and stock model home plans are both excellent options. At Passage Island Construction, we will work with you to help determine the one that will suit your family’s needs for years to come. Contact us today to learn more.




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