​​A flex room is an area in a home that can be used for a variety of functions – a space that is flexible in both form and function and can be customized to serve more than one purpose. This multi-purpose room gives you the ability to change your home as your lifestyle changes.

Having an undefined space adaptable to various needs gives you the flexibility to meet your changing needs – whether it’s a children’s playroom, a place to study, a hobby room, or an office. Keep your current and future needs in mind when deciding what you want to do with your flex space. 

Hobby Room or Art Studio
If you’re passionate about something and you need someplace to let your creative juices flow while you work uninterrupted, where you can close the door and not worry about things being disturbed. You can set up this workspace with tables, cubbies, or shelves to store your supplies.

Office or Study Area
With children attending school online and homeowners working from home, it’s essential to create separate workspaces to accommodate everyone’s needs for quiet study or privacy to Zoom. Setting aside a flex space as a home office will give you a place where you can focus.

Entertainment Room
If you love to play games, you may want to consider creating an entertainment space. That way, you can play pool, Pictionary, or poker without disturbing the rest of the household. Be sure to include a television so friends can drop by to watch your favorite sports games too.

Reading Nook
Avid readers should have a space where they can curl up and get lost in a favorite book. You’ll want to line this room with bookshelves so you can fill them with well-worn mysteries and modern science fiction novels. This is a place for peace where you can relax and drink a cup of tea.

Media Room
Film buffs won’t want to head to the movie theater anymore when they can curl up in a recliner in their pajamas to stream their favorite flicks. A widescreen TV, projector, and surround sound system are all you’ll need – just add popcorn.

Exercise Room
Whether yoga is your thing or pumping iron, creating a dedicated space where you can work out will increase your active fitness time. All you need to do is to set up mirrors, treadmills, elliptical machines, some padding on the floor, and a weight set to get going.

Music Room
Is music your jam? You may want to consider using your flex space as a spot to play your favorite music or let your little ones practice their new instrument without bursting the rest of the household’s eardrums. Be it drums, piano, or violin, this gives you a place to store or display your instruments.

With children running about the house, a designated playroom is always a good use of space. A playroom gives them a place to store toys and play dress up without creating madness and mayhem everywhere else in the house. In addition, built-in shelves and toy bins help keep the room organized.

Too many interests to decide what your space should be? Don’t worry, your building contractor can help you to create a combination space. Unused corners and nooks can also be used if you want to add a desk to study at or several chairs and a bookshelf as a place to read.

Flex rooms help ease the stress of having multiple generations under one roof. That way, everyone can go to their corner and do their own thing. Flex spaces can also double as guest rooms. A daybed or Murphy bed allows you to tuck the bed away during the day, and an armoire can provide storage space when needed.

When building a new home, consider incorporating a flex space. Passage Island Construction can help you make the best choices for your family today and in the future.