Building a new custom home should be an exciting and easy process with local contractors you can trust. That is why it is important to select a reputable, local home contractor with an impressive portfolio, satisfied customers and solid community relationships. A well respected local general contractor will take pride in a new home addition within their own community. 

With a local general contractor, you can be assured your home will be a high priority for premium subcontractors providing services such as electrical, plumbing, painting, cabinetry, and flooring. This is a key advantage for local general contractors and why community relationships make a difference. 

This is a value added benefit especially on the Treasure Coast, where seasonality can increase demand for subcontractors during certain times of the year and make it difficult to complete the job. Outsider contractors do not have these personal business relationships, preferential treatment or local resources readily available. 

Local on-site supervision and expertise is another invaluable benefit. Knowing the level of skills and service provided by local subcontractors is crucial to the overall quality of your new home. Securing knowledgeable, reliable and dependable subcontractors can be a challenge and usually one that only local contractors can meet. Having the ability to source and supervise subcontractors who do quality work is skill set you can count on in a local general contractor.

There is a higher level of care and attention to detail given by a local contractor, who is personally connected to the community. Outsider contractors are here today and gone tomorrow. Do they truly care about you, your overall satisfaction or your community?

A local contractors can also provide valuable referral services after you move into your new home and be a comfortable resource for all your homeowner needs. If there are any issues after move-in, warranty work, referrals needed can be easily attained in a timely manner. Wouldn’t you rather reach out to another local expert for future contractor needs?

The benefits to using Passage Island Construction go beyond a beautifully designed new house. You can trust our general contractor, Brian Adams, to provide onsite supervision and quality control of your new home. Using Passage Island Construction will ensure your home is built to your standards, in a timely manner, while using only the highest quality subcontractors. 

Another key advantage to Passage Island Construction’s local contractors is the flexibility in location to build your dream home. We can build your dream home in one of our neighborhoods or build at your desired location. Our Sales Associates can also assist you in finding the perfect location to build your new home. Connect with us today and find out more about our quality homes, our outstanding relationships, and our strong commitment to the Treasure Coast.

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