Here at Passage Island Construction, we have noticed some increasingly popular interior design requests for our custom built homes recently. We spoke with interior designer Christina Bruce of Christina Bruce Interiors in Vero Beach and received some great insight about the current interior design trends she’s noticed in Florida custom built homes as well.

Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding Tub

Freestanding tubs in neutral colors or white have been a popular add-on in many custom homes. Textured walls and relaxing décor create a calm environment to unwind for this bathtub. Baths reduce stress and promote well-being, so make sure to look at your freestanding tub options for your master suite.

Rounded Corners

Adding rounded corners can soften and relax a room. Round design elements are believed to bring clarity, precision, freshness, and equality into a room. The possibilities are endless with incorporating round shapes into your interior design. Many custom built homes have round windows and archtop doorways or windows. Round light fixtures are popular as well.

Open Floor Plans

Passage Island Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans give the flexibility to personalize the space and make space appear larger. They are perfect for parents with children because they can keep an eye on them and they are also great for entertaining guests. A tasteful interior design tip for an open space is making it multilevel to add dimension.

Bold Ceilings

Ceilings are making a comeback once again in today’s customized homes, but the look is far different than the popcorn ceiling interior design craze. Get the look with a bold ceiling that pops. Paint your ceiling a bold hue. You can also use patterned or textured wallpaper or even bamboo matting.

Light Color Flooring

We’ve moved away from dark, ebony wood tones in many of our model homes here in Florida as many of our clients are opting for lighter color options in their interior design. We’ve increasingly used natural wood tones and light driftwood color flooring in particular throughout our custom built homes. Many of our Passage Island clients have executed this trend by opting for tile floors that look like real wood.

According to local interior designer Christina Bruce of Christina Bruce Interiors, “Light driftwood color floors can add to the airy feeling of an open floor plan.”

Pantone Color of the Year: Ultraviolet

Pantone color of the year UltraViolet is being incorporated into designs in fun, bold new ways. It goes great in a powder room, on wallpaper, or in various furniture fabrics and rugs. Gold accents complement the color well.

Using Outdoor Fabrics Indoors


Using outdoor fabrics indoors has become a popular trend in many custom built homes. Interior Designer Christina Bruce explains, “Because outdoor fabrics have become just as soft and luxurious as many indoor fabrics, using them inside allows for durability and ease of care. They are UV protected and mildew resistant, so they won’t fade in our Florida sun and won’t be affected by wet bathing suits.”

Use Green as a Neutral

Green is a must-have in a Florida custom built homes. Using green as a neutral in your home throughout your interior design will create a calming effect. There are several ways to incorporate green such as plants, fabrics, backsplashes. The list goes on. Green looks best paired with natural textures for an earthy vibe.

Recycled Glass Countertops

Recycled glass countertops add a rare element to custom built homes. Interior designer Christina Bruce points out that “recycled glass countertops are not only environmentally friendly but also unique and easy to clean.” The recycled glass countertop in this bathroom that she designed goes well with the coral mirror and clean, crisp interior design.

Stop by Passage Island today to learn more about the latest design trends for today’s custom built homes.