Wallpaper has existed since the 16th century, but it was most popular in the Victorian era when people used it to decorate their homes. In the 20th century, it went out of style due to its time-consuming installation and difficult removal process. Now, however, wallpaper is making a comeback thanks to advances in technology that make installation and removal simpler than ever before.  With the popularity of home renovation shows, we’re seeing more and more homes where wallpaper is popping up. So, why should you consider using wallpaper in your own home? Let’s look at the many reasons why wallpaper is coming back. 

The Benefits of Wallpaper 

Wallpaper has come a long way since it first became popular in the 1600s. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, there are several other advantages to installing wallpaper:

  • Durability: Wallpaper can last up to 15 years if installed properly and cared for correctly. That makes it much more durable than paint. Walls must be repainted every few years or so due to fading or scuffing over time (especially in high-traffic areas like kitchens or hallways). Wallpaper can last long periods without any signs of wear or tear—making it a great long-term investment for your home! 
  • Variety: There are so many different types of wallpaper available today, from traditional floral patterns to modern designs. The beauty of wallpaper lies in its ability to add texture, pattern, and personality to any room. It also offers more creative freedom than paint because there are an endless number of styles available. So whether you want something bold and colorful or subtle and sophisticated, you can find just what you need with wallpaper. Plus, if you’re looking for something truly unique, you can even have custom wallpaper designed just for your home! 
  • Versatility: Wallpaper is a great way to add character to any room without having to make major renovations. Whether you want to create an accent wall or use it to cover all four walls in a room, there’s sure to be an option that fits your style. 

Ultimately, whether or not you choose to install wallpaper in your home depends on what kind of look and feel you’re after. If used carefully and strategically, wallpaper can add character and depth while keeping things fresh over time.  Due to modern concepts, wallpaper’s longevity and diversity allows home buyers to have many more options when it comes to adding style to a specific room. The verdict is in – wallpaper has definitely made a comeback and we encourage you to explore its potential the next time you want to add some flare to your home!

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