When building a home, people are often so focused on the interior they overlook the importance of landscape by design. Your landscape sets the tone. It’s the first thing someone sees when they approach your home. A yard with vision mirrors your personality and improves your home’s curb appeal. When done correctly, landscape design is more than pure aesthetics. Cohesive landscaping increases the value of your home.

Design and plant selection is paramount. Make sure your design allows for a direct view of the front door. So as not to hide the house under vegetation, make the plants proportional with the home. Hardy, low-maintenance plants create a Florida-friendly landscape. At the front entry, low-growing compact plants work well because they maintain their form, preventing sprawl and ensuring clear walkways. Gravel paths, pavers, and mulched areas quickly create natural pathways and define garden beds. The use of native Florida plants that can adapt to the climate and soil lessens your time weeding, watering, trimming, and fertilizing. Spend less time transforming your garden, and more time allowing it to transform you.

The inviting, Florida weather keeps homeowners outdoors as much as possible. Investing to create a balanced ecosystem for the wildlife in outdoor spaces will make the home. The selection of plants you place around your home can attract birds, bees, and dragonflies to your yard. A diverse variety of foliage provides food, water, and shelter for the local fauna. Strategically placed trees and plants help control storm runoff and drainage while providing shade to reduce heating.

Have no fear of the whimsical. A bench under a beautiful oak is a great place to read a book or enjoy your first sip of coffee in the morning. You may want to relax in the hammock with the sound of a water feature nearby lulling you to sleep. Signs, bird feeders, and sculptures all help to make your outdoor space part of your home.

When planting trees and shrubs near the house, remember to plant them far enough away so that animals and bugs can’t use them as a bridge into your home. Keep your foliage trimmed so that dead branches don’t fall on the roof during high winds.

Passage Island Construction staff will work closely with you to design an attractive, low-maintenance landscape plan for your home.

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