If you’re thinking about working with a custom builder to create a home, you may be wondering how long the process will take. New construction homes can take varying amounts of time depending on the builder you choose, your home’s design, and other factors such as preparing the plot or securing your loan. To help you prepare, here’s a look at a sample timeline. Your builder can help you pin down the specifics.


Pre-Building Steps: Plans and Lots

Before the process starts, you will need to choose your design. You may tour show houses designed by your builder. You may also go to their offices or browse their website for plans. If you decide that you want a home designed from scratch, you will need to spend time with an architect or a designer to create your design. You will also have to find a lot.


Week One: Excavation and Footing

Once you’ve established your plan and your lot, the work will start. The first step is preparing the lot with excavation. This involves large machines coming in to grade and level the land. The builder will then lay the footing. This is the base for new construction homes; basically a concrete base below the frost line.


Weeks Two to Three: Foundation

The builder will then create the foundation for your new home. New construction homes can have a range of foundations. Whether you are opting for a full basement, a crawlspace, or just a concrete slab, this will all take place during the second and third week of construction.


Weeks Four to Five: Framing

During this step, you will finally see the outline of your home. The frame is basically the planks or beams that make up the “skeleton” of your home. Once the frame is complete, there will be an inspection. This will ensure that the remaining work doesn’t move forward unless everything is correct. The roof will also be installed at this point.


Weeks Six to Eight: Mechanical Systems, Insulation, and Walls

During this critical period, your home is prepared with the walls and insulation. It also is built with systems it will need to be comfortable. This includes electrical wiring, plumbing, air conditioning and heating.


Weeks Nine to Twelve: Final Details

At this point, you’ve been watching the builders work on your home for just over two months and now the fun part is ready to begin. During the final stages, your newly constructed home will be ready for the finishing details. This includes doors, cabinets, baseboards, crown moldings, and even the appliances. It will also include the flooring and wall paint. For most people, choosing these finishing touches is the most personable part of building a home.


Week Thirteen: Inspections

Now that the process is almost complete, an inspector will come to look over the home and ensure that it meets all local and international building codes. We encourage you to go through your new home as well and inspect. Is everything as expected? Do you need any changes or updates? If so, we take care of these at this time.


Newly constructed homes take longer to create than just buying a home that’s move-in ready, however the tradeoff is that you purchase your dream home without the compromises. If you’re interested in designing your own home, contact us at Passage Island Construction.

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