More and more people are opting to live in private communities. At the top of the list are safety and security. Most private communities have some sort of security in place at a fixed entrance. From coded gates to 24-hour security, knowing that your neighborhood has controlled entry where only verified residents can gain access to the area brings peace of mind. Guests can only gain access with permission from a resident of the community.

Whether the gate is monitored by a guard or electronically, the increased sense of security adds to residents’ peace of mind. Crime is generally lower in communities with restricted access. This will also cut down on traffic and speeding vehicles through the neighborhood, a safety concern for families with children and pets. Restricted traffic also cuts down on the amount of noise.

Once you pass through the gates of your neighborhood, the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world fades away. This is a wonderful safety benefit for families with pets or small children due to fewer vehicles passing through. You also won’t have any unwanted solicitation with people stopping by in an attempt to sell you a set of knives or ask for a donation.

Privacy is another key factor that attracts homebuyers to private communities. Knowing that your neighbors will be the only people roaming the neighborhood ensures a heightened level of privacy. There won’t be any folks driving by to interfere with your solitude.

Private communities also offer a variety of options as far as the age range, from family to senior living, pets, and everything in between. Some private communities allow adults only as residents, catering to those homeowners without children. Others allow children, which means that there will always be someone to play with in the neighborhood. Living in a private community with children allows them more latitude to explore. Knowing that your child won’t be running into random strangers, you’re more likely to let them walk to a friend’s house or ride their bike down to the neighborhood playground. This elicits a sense of community among neighbors who gather for community picnics, see one another at the neighborhood pool or play bridge at the clubhouse.

The amenities offered in private communities are another big attraction. Most have community pools, gyms, boat docks, tennis courts, and clubhouses. These are maintained by the community staff and make it much easier to stay fit when you know that you can walk down the street anytime to hit a few balls with familiar faces, plus you won’t have to pay membership fees to the local fitness club.

In addition to a more carefree lifestyle, owning a home in a private community adds to the value of your property, making the resale value desirable when you’re ready to move.

Building a home in a private community adds to your quality of life. Working with a respected and professional contractor like Passage Island Construction makes all the difference.

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