Keeping up with the fabulous landscape of your Treasure Coast home would seem like a rather simple task. With sunlight and generous amounts of rain in the warmer months, your custom landscape is sure to be green and lush.

Typically. There are some things however to consider to help make sure that your property is “in-sync” with the local ecosystem. Following are some tid-bits to keep in mind when planning out your new home building project.

It’s not about what is but what it may become.

One of the best kept secrets in the long-term success of your landscaping is selecting plants that are known to thrive and survive in the South Florida climate. Choosing the right kind of plants that can stand up to the elements and minimize water consumption is key. Purchase flora relative to the natural lighting and wind conditions of your property. A wrong choice in plant selection may prove disappointing as some species cannot withstand the rigors of this climate.

Sometimes the grass really is greener

Now that you have purchased your new dream home landscaping, you must properly care for them despite our environment and weather patterns. Keep in mind that if it has rained on the last day, or it is forecast to rain, watering your plants is not necessary. Overwatering is something that you can absolutely prevent. It is no good for the plants, uses more of a natural resource and incurs higher utility bills. This is a practice best avoided. In the drier, Winter months, watering is usually scaled back by local municipalities to conserve what water that South Florida as a whole has.

Nurture your plants by fertilizing them at the correct time. It is also crucial that you use the right amount of fertilizer for the task. Too little proves ineffectual, too much can create a run-off effect and contaminate the surrounding landscape and water systems. Consider this; if you fertilize your yard successfully, you can also help prevent overgrowth and insect populations making your landscape their new home.

Welcome to the jungle

Some wildlife communities should be encouraged around your property if personal health conditions do not prevent it. The birds and the bees enjoy a symbiotic relationship with the environment, ensuring that the natural life cycle of plants and flowers continue, and they remain beautiful and vibrant while performing their duties in the natural order of things. Planting bushes and shrubbery along with bird feeders, can encourage them to participate and also help keep other insect and wildlife populations under control. When choosing to use pest control, always use a low-toxicity, or non-toxic remedy to help prevent the death of your plants and help them to remain healthy and disease free.

Function over form

Keep in mind what you want to accomplish with your home’s landscape design. Do you just want to plant a few trees and plants for aesthetics or are you looking for them to be functional? We have an abundance of sunshine here in Naples, Florida, so it’s important that your landscaping helps your home to stay shaded. Many homeowners enjoy the idea of privacy and what better way than to plant some beautiful tall trees surrounding the property?

Keep these important details in mind when you’re designing your home’s landscaping, so that it works with our Southwest Florida ecosystem:

  • Choose plants that work with our subtropical climate and weather elements.
  • Water and fertilize correctly, as to not negatively affect the area’s wildlife.
  • Choose landscaping based on your needs and vision.
  • Be mindful of pests and take measures to keep your plants healthy.

When designing your dream homes landscape, consider the following to enable your landscape to live in harmony with  your local environment:

  • Purchase plant life that is known thrive in our subtropical climate.
  • Water and fertilize correctly. This helps you in not adversely affect the area wildlife.
  • Keep your plants healthy by being mindful of insects and pests. Take appropriate measures to keep your plants healthy.

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