There’s a lot you can do with color when decorating your new home. Recent improvements with wallpaper have made wallpaper an excellent way to jazz things up in any room and to make the room feel like it’s your space. You can add a little variety to an accent wall, cover multiple walls or be bold and use stripes with your favorite floral print. Want the best of both worlds? Wall panels are the perfect compromise and won’t overwhelm the room. You can also add depth by covering a ceiling. Adding wallpaper above or below a chair rail or wainscoting is a great way to accent foyers and hallways.

If you love flowers, you can bring in a garden full of them in every color imaginable. Like stripes, paisley, or polka dots? You can do that too – the possibilities are endless. You can even create a scenic mural, perfect for the nursery, or to make a themed area. Although nature-inspired themes are relaxing, color selection and patterns can help to lift you.

Not a fan of patterns? Textural wallpapers are a great option and create a down-to-earth vibe and add a tactile experience to your walls with natural grasses and fibers.

You can base any room around the wallpaper you select or vice versa. Select furniture that picks up colors in the wallpaper and place accent pieces that tie the room’s theme together. Be careful not to overwhelm a room with too many patterns. Murals and busy patterns work best in larger spaces to make the room feel smaller. Vertical stripes will make the room look taller, and horizontal lines give the illusion of length.

When building a new home, it’s the perfect time to have some fun with the interior. Passage Island Construction can help you select wallpaper that showcases your new home to the fullest.

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