Retiring to the Sunshine State is a dream for many people. Florida is a wonderful location to live for a variety of reasons. If you are looking for tropical weather and ready for a change, Florida might be the right choice for you! Here are a few key reasons why it is a great place to build your home.

No state income tax

Florida is one of only a few states that does not require its residents to pay state income tax. This means that you can expect more money in your pocket each year. Saving money while enjoying an active lifestyle year-round contributes to making Florida that perfect retirement state.

Tropical Weather 

By the time you decide to relocate to Florida, you are probably ready to escape the snow. Florida’s mild, tropical climate is a match made in heaven for those who’ve grown tired of cold weather. Of course, a white Christmas is beautiful, but there’s something to be said about hanging your Christmas lights without risking frost-bite or slipping on ice. There is a reason they refer to it as the Sunshine State after all. Imagine walking the beach instead of shoveling snow each winter! 

Gorgeous Beaches

An obvious upside to living in Florida is the proximity to the country’s most beautiful beaches. The saying, “We live where others vacation” is something that gives Floridians great pride. Being minutes from the beach will change your attitude about everyday life. Besides, salty air is good for your health! Choices in Florida include the white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast or the sprawling coastline of the Atlantic. Sunshine and warmth are enjoyed year-round. 


What some people love most about Florida is its affordability over other states. When retirement arrives, many people plan to cut back on unnecessary spending.  Whatever your motivation, a move to the Sunshine State may be the perfect time to build your forever home. Building a home in Florida can bring you warmth, a luxury that all ages can enjoy.

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