The front door to your home says a lot about you. It is the first thing guests and neighbors see when they pass by your home or stop by to visit. While it is essential for your front door to be sturdy, it can also be stylish and reflect your personality.

While you want the front door to project your personal style, you need to ensure that the features you select match your home’s style and enhance the appearance, adding value. You want to make sure that the front door is inviting.

Equally important to the aesthetics of your front door is durability, both against the weather and unwanted intruders. As a common entry point for home intruders, a carefully crafted door can deter burglars. These same features also stand up to harsh weather, keeping everyone inside your home safe.

Keeping aesthetics and security in mind as you select the material and style of your front door is essential. There are a variety of options to choose from, including wood, steel, and glass. In addition, most exterior doors today are impact-resistant, adding a measure of comfort and security. They can withstand high winds and keep out intruders.

A solid wood door provides soundproofing, insulation, strength, and longevity. You can use everything from softwoods from evergreen coniferous trees like pine, cedar, and fir or hardwoods from deciduous trees like beech, birch, elm, ash, oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, and teak. Wood doors allow for the most incredible variety of design options.

Glass doors and composite material doors with glass inlays, transoms, and sidelights offer a wide variety of options. You can use clear glass for transparency, etched if you want to showcase your creative side, or frosted to allow light in, while keeping what is going on inside your home private.

Steel doors offer the most significant security while also holding up during inclement weather because they neither expand nor contract.

The color you select says a lot about you and your home as well and can be utilized to enhance your door selection whether you’ve decided on wood, steel, or the trim around a glass door. Color is essential, from an inviting yellow to a sophisticated violet or a robust red and relaxed natural wood.

Accents can spruce up any door complementing the door itself and tying it into the overall style of your home, and run the gamut from modern to traditional. For example, brass gives off a warm, sophisticated vibe; brushed nickel a modern, minimalist impression; gold if you want to promote an elegant design style; and iron to showcase a welcoming and relaxed home.

Your front door is the first impression people will have of your home, whether they are just driving by or have been invited to come for a visit. But, it is more than a functional component. Passage Island Construction can help you design the perfect door for your new home.