In a world where open concept is the most sought-after home design, it raises privacy concerns, whether it is maintaining private spaces within your home or keeping the prying eyes of the outside world at bay.

Keeping this in mind during your new home’s design is crucial to feeling safe and comfortable in your new space.

Private outdoor spaces allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Building your new home among native trees and bushes in a rural area offers you a naturally occurring privacy barrier. The opposite is true when you build in a more densely populated locale. Hence making the “location, location, location” adage immensely accurate.

Suppose you do decide to build your new home in a densely built area. In that case, private outdoor spaces and interior courtyards allow you to enjoy nature, fresh air, and the Florida sunshine at your leisure and without inviting the attention of others. Open ceilings in interior spaces allow for ultimate privacy. Or you can opt to create an oasis by including a pavilion that extends indoor-outdoor reach with options to open the area or keep it buttoned up depending on your mood that day.

Landscaping is a more natural option for enhancing your privacy level, creating a barrier out of materials that can change with the seasons with bursts of color in the spring, greenery in the summer, and rich, warm colors in the fall, depending upon the type of foliage you select.

Entry sequences provide a more permanent barrier that creates a strategic entry into your home. Garden walls offer a transitional space between the street and your home. Interior views of the home are shielded from the road.

You may also want to consider the placement of guest areas in your home so that they don’t get underfoot when in residence. A separate wing is a feasible option, but a detached guest house with a private entry is optimal. That way, your guests can come and go at will, and you don’t have to worry about coming across interlopers when you get up for a midnight snack. Be sure to include a kitchenette with a coffee bar and a private bathroom as well.

When building a new home, privacy is a top priority. Passage Island Construction can help you make the best design choices, so everyone has the space they need.

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