Farmhouse architectural designs are as relevant today as they were in the early 1900s. A Modern farmhouse – contemporary designs with cozy farmhouse aesthetics – relies on the use of various textures and colors to modernize the look with the clean lines of contemporary design.

Key architectural features that remain in order for the home design to qualify as farmhouse-style architecture include a gable roof, steep roof pitch, standing seam metal roof, monochromatic color palette, highly textured finishes, and sweeping front porch. Keeping these features in mind when designing your home, a few modern additions will help to balance current and traditional aesthetics.

Floor plans have moved from simple rectangles to more rambling designs, spreading rooms to form unique exterior dimensions. The cozy, homey farmhouse style has been updated with the layout adding more functionality as opposed to sparse and minimal. Sweeping front and rear porches are nostalgic features that have remained constant over the years.

These structures are traditionally all white. Modern versions adhere to a monochromatic color palette using contrasting warm and cool materials with various textures to develop interest. Classic farmhouse style leans toward warm tones and neutrals, while modern farmhouse design utilizes whites, pastels, and off-whites to brighten the look. Edgy details like Edison bulbs, barn doors, and wrought iron hardware add authenticity to the exterior.

Siding options include everything from reclaimed wood to barnboard or lap to board and batten, along with other architectural salvage are highly textured finishes to create distinction and visual depth. Lighter woods have been introduced for a more modern take and classic, natural wood tones for a more traditional look. Other natural materials are effective when complementing the wood on your modern farmhouse, including stone, burlap, cotton, and other raw metals.

One popular pairing highlights the starkness of white or a precise color in contrast with modern steel windows giving it a contemporary look. Double-hung windows invoke images of old American farmhouses. The tall windows are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, accentuating the structure’s height while permitting plenty of light. In addition, today’s windows offer a variety of patterns, modernizing the look.

Metal, glass, and coarse stone are popular additions that modernize the earthy warmth of a traditional farmhouse, primarily when used to contrast salvaged materials, giving it a more authentic feel.

Building a Modern Farmhouse requires a balance between traditional farmhouse design and contemporary aesthetics. Passage Island Construction can help you design and build a home that keeps your feet firmly planted in both worlds, rich with history with all the modern conveniences.

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