Owning a custom home that is unique to you and for your family is a feeling you can’t get anywhere else. Every detail of the home down to the customizable floor plan, to the number of cabinets and color of the countertops can be chosen by you. As amazing as it is to build a custom home, many people are curious as to how long it takes a custom home builder to create the house of their dreams. While custom-built homes typically take 10 to 16 months to build, we have created a list of the 4 most common factors that will influence the time it takes to build your one-of-a-kind home. 

  1. Construction Style of Your Home

Deciding on the style of your home is the first factor that most people run into that will determine the time it takes a custom home builder to create a house. When you choose to have a house custom-built, the builder and their team may have never built a floor plan quite like it. This means that it may take longer to create your vision than a plan that the home builders have built before. Typically, the personalized production plans of a custom-built home take around four to six months alone. Consider working with your home builder to decide on floor plans they recommend or have built previously.

  1. Obtaining Permits and Preparing the Lot

A common challenge that many people don’t recognize is the need for proper permits and preparing the lot for new home construction. In some cases, obtaining the building permits and the inspection process can add weeks to your timeline. When you want to build on your own lot, the area must be prepared for building by removing trees, rocks, debris, etc. Afterward, the land needs to be leveled to allow for the foundation to be laid properly. Depending on how difficult this is, or if any surprises arise, the length of time taken to build your home will also increase. 

  1. Indecisiveness or Changing Your Mind

We understand that you want your custom built home to be unique to you and reflect your personality and that you reserve the right to change your mind. However, every time plans are changed, it can add weeks to the production timeline. Another common cause for delay is indecisiveness on your decisions. Ordering specific materials, like quartz countertops, can take up to a month for the delivery to arrive and then putting them into the home also takes multiple weeks. When these decisions are put off until the last minute, it will drastically impact your final timeline.

  1. Where and When Your Home is Being Built

The specific region of your home impacts the timeline. Homes built in one of our lovely cities can vary from those that out in more rural areas. Typically, building in a city is quicker than those out in wooded or rural areas since it is easier to get materials and labor to the location. In addition to location, the season you start building the new home can impact the timeline. Typically the Summer is the most popular time to being new home construction so finding labor and materials at that time can be challenging.

Your Dream Home is Within Reach

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