When you decide to build a house with Passage Island Construction, we are committed to making the experience positive for you from the very first moment you step foot in our offices to the moment you actually move into your home. The process can vary a bit from client to client, but there are core similarities in every case. Here’s an overview so you know what to expect.


Check Out Model Homes

To get an idea of our work, we encourage our clients to start the process by touring one of our model homes. We have beautifully furnished model homes that are designed to give you an idea of what a finished Passage Island home looks like.


Look at House Designs

When you decide to build a house, there are a lot of options. To get some ideas, you may want to look through our home plans. We have a range of floor plans available for your perusal on our website, or you can check them out in person in our office.


Consult About Your Unique Vision

If you don’t see what you want in an existing plan, you can consult with one of our home builders and talk about building a home from scratch. We talk about what you want in a home and that covers everything from the basics such as number of bedrooms to personal details like windows that face the sunrise.


Choose a Lot

At some point in the process, we need to decide where we are going to put your home. Some families have lots ready that they want to build on, and others need help finding the perfect lot. We can help in both situations.


Decide on the Details

Once we have the broad outline of the direction you want to take, we start to work on the details. That includes elements such as flooring, cabinetry, fixtures, and appliances. At Passage Island Construction, we are known for providing more upgrades as standard options than most other builders. That helps to ensure you get the home you want.


Build the Home

Then, we start to build your home. We expect quality work from our employees as well as the builders and contractors with whom we do business, and we extend that quality guarantee to our clients. We also pride ourselves on having the ability to create a building timeline and stick to it. We know that building a home and moving can be stressful, and we take steps to minimize the stress as much as possible so that the process is straightforward and easy for you.


Tour the Home and Move In

As the home nears completion, you need to tour it and talk about any issues. Once it’s complete, we do a final inspection and ensure everything meets your standards. The final step when you build a house is to move in.


If you want to build a house, contact Passage Island Construction today. We work with you from concept to move in day, and we are committed to making the process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for you.

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