With so many building contractors in Vero Beach and the surrounding area, it can be hard to know which contractor to hire. If you want a custom home that meets the demands of your lifestyle and matches your sense of style, Passage Island Construction is the ideal choice. Here’s why you should trust us with your custom home design.

Personalized Details

When you work with Passage Island Construction, you can choose from one of our existing floor plans, or you can work with one of our draftspeople and start from scratch. Either way, you get to choose the details you want, allowing you to make your home a true reflection of you.

One client named Donna M. refers to herself as a detail person and, because her husband is in the construction industry, she came to the table knowing a lot about the process. Even with their high expectations, she and her husband exclaimed, “Passage Island Construction has met and exceeded them!” She continued to note that their new home is “a reflection of us.”


Lower Pricing and More Upgrades

Building contractors charge different rates for upgrades to their floor plans, and if you want lots of upgrades without breaking the bank, Passage Island Construction may be the right choice. In fact, Melinda S. said that she and her husband looked at multiple building contractors in the area, and “Passage Island Construction took our breath away with its lower pricing and more upgrades that were standard.”

However, the lower pricing is never from subpar materials. Our building contractors are committed to using the best quality materials in their designs. One customer writes, “They surpassed our expectations—not only in materials/construction, but with personal service and authentic caring.”

Top Quality Customer Service

Passage Island Construction is committed to providing you with top notch customer service. We have been building homes for more than 40 years, and our goal is to ensure you get the home you want, and that you enjoy a hassle-free, easy process along the way. We want our clients to be happy from the first moment they step in a model home or start looking at plans until the moment when they finally move into their new custom built home.

Recently, one of our clients was actually a builder who specialized in commercial property. He had a lot of experience helping commercial clients create their spaces, but this was his first time as a customer of a builder. He was duly impressed with our services, and he said, “Passage Island Construction not only took care of each and every problem that arose, and it was only a few, they went the extra mile and did a little more on each item.” Michael H. continued to say, “I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to build a home.”

If you’re interested in a custom home, let our building contractors work for you. We build homes in Sebastian and Vero Beach, FL as well as the surrounding area. We are confident that once you work with us, you’ll agree with the clients who say, “I can never sing their praises enough.”

Passage Island Construction