When it comes to new home construction, we often see the kitchen take precedence over other areas of the home. Commonly called “the heart of the home,” the kitchen may be quite possibly the most important room in the home. A new home construction project provides an ideal opportunity to create the perfect gathering place for this very important space. As such, we’ve provided the top five new home construction custom kitchen features trending this year.

Choose Quartz as an Alternative to Granite

There are several new and exciting kitchen trends making waves right now, and quartz countertops are at the top of the list. “Originally introduced as a high-end alternative to granite, quartz is the biggest trend for countertops in 2018,” according to Coastal Journal. Quartz is a great alternative to granite in new home construction. Since it is non-porous, there is less upkeep compared to granite. Quartz is also more stain resistant and hygienic, thus it works especially well in homes with young children.

It’s Time to Nix Farmhouse Sinks

We’ve seen a steady decline in requests for farmhouse sinks in new home construction this year in favor of undermounted and integrated sinks. An integrated countertop and sink typically comes as a solid piece and provides aesthetic appeal. The easy-to-clean surface lacks crevices for bacteria to spread, which makes it a perfect addition to any new home construction. Undermounted sinks are both cost-effective and practical.

Consider a Matte Finish Over Stainless Steel

What would new home construction be without the joy of brand new appliances? Appliances have come a long way since the introduction of stainless steel. While stainless steel is still very popular, matte finish appliances are on the rise. Darker than stainless steel, neutral matte appliances provide a sleek, modern look and work well in most kitchen designs. The best part is that they don’t show fingerprints like stainless steel, which makes them great in high traffic homes.

Many new appliances today also have smart technology built into them. You can now control many of your appliances with your phone. While you may not need or want every appliance connected to Wi-Fi, the availability and convenience are definitely worth taking a look!

Nix Upper Cabinets for Custom Drawers

There is a steady shift away from bulky upper cabinets to custom drawers and islands in many new home construction projects. Homeowners are opting for more functional custom drawers under their countertops to store platters, silverware, pots, and pans. Kitchens with less cabinetry on top also tend to feel more open and spacious.

Add an Island to Your New Home Construction

Islands are still very popular and may never go out of style. They offer casual seating and loads of prep space for cooking. The major shift for islands is from two levels to one. While a raised level for dining adds a buffer between prep space and sink clutter, many find a single level more functional and pleasing to the eye.

New home construction offers homeowners a blank slate for the perfect kitchen. Even though it may be tempting to design a kitchen that has it all, remember to balance trends that suit your personal taste with classic designs that stand the test of time so that your home retains a good resale value.

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